Do You Need to Rent a Mailbox For Your Fashion Blog?

by Kelly on December 8, 2013

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If you are, or plan on, receiving products from brands and PR firms for review or product placements on your blog, then you may want to consider renting a mailbox for your fashion blog.

What is a Rented Mailbox?

You can rent a mailbox from companies that provide mailbox services, which is essentially a personal address that can receive mail and packages for you. It is similar to a P.O. Box, but you can receive packages from all carriers as well as the Postal Service (with a P.O. Box, you can only receive packages from the postal service). Some common mailbox franchises include Mailboxes Etc. and The UPS store.

Why Would You Need To Rent a Mailbox For Your Blog?

  • It’s generally not a good idea to send your personal address around in the first place.
  • If you show personal possessions in blog posts, such as designer handbags, you should strive to keep your personal address private to prevent your home from becoming the target of thieves.
  • When you send your address to brands, your personal information is not secure:
    • it can be stored in email accounts that can be hacked.
    • it can be stored on computers that can be hacked or stolen.
    • a lot of blogger outreach is handled by interns, who may make less-than-professional choices regarding passing around your personal information, or using it for malicious purposes.
    • even if you trust your PR contact, if she/he leaves for another position, your personal information may not end up in as safe hands with the next PR person.

How to Rent a MailBox For Your Blog:

  • P.O. Boxes are generally not a good idea, because UPS, FEDEX, and other major carriers can not deliver to them.
  • Search for mailbox services or centers in your city, and compare based on amenities, convenience, security, and price to find one that works for you.
  • Make sure the mailbox center you’re looking into can receive packages from all carriers including the postal service.



  • I had never thought of that! By the way, I adore your personal blog, and this one is so fantastic too. You are so awesome :D

  • Wow. I just received my first email from a brand that wanted to send me products to possibly feature on my site and I didn’t even think about that after I gave them my address :( Hopefully I’ll be able to find a place around here that offers “renting” mailboxes! Thank you so much for all your tips! Just found your blog and I’m in love!!!

    Dannon @ Like The Yogurt Fashion. DIY. Beauty

  • Inder Dhada

    Amazing information about Rented Mailbox.
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